You got a problem?

Tonight was sorting night, because I’d finally gotten enough photos in the folder to make it worthwhile, so I put on the Geologic Podcast and hemmed and hawed over whether each image made the cut or not – over a thousand before sorting, if you must know, though how many I retained I haven’t bothered to read more

Profiles of Nature 20

This week we have our singing, dancing, and seriously cheesy humor trio, Dawny, Orlando, and Tone, warming up for their debut variety show, inexplicably named Shields and Yarnell. Raised in a musical family, they opted to inflict this on the rest of the world rather than assert their independence like any normal person, resulting in several musical contracts from agents read more

It feels better to be shooting

The temperature is still bouncing up and down more than it should (said within earshot of Mother Nature,) but it’s quite nice to be able to go out and easily find something to photograph. Have I mentioned that winter sucks? I mean, where are all the protestors aiming to correct that?

A few days back now, The Girlfriend and I did a pass around the neighborhood pond, not in the best of conditions read more