Visibly different, part 5

We’re going to go a little backwards on this one. We start off with a time exposure from August 17th, 1989, and despite it being on a negative with no date stamp, I can be this precise because it was taken following a total lunar eclipse, and I already knew the year and season. If I was really slick, I could give you a decent time too, because I know the precise read more

Out at the same time

Checking the cupboards over carefully, it appears that we have not only used up all of our December, we finally made it through the family-sized box of 2021 as well – don’t you love it when they both run out together? So to celebrate, we have our end-of-month/end-of-year abstract.

I really should let you figure this one out on your own, because you look like you’re read more

September heads out

Okay, this end of the month abstract image was from an outing with the Immaculate Mr Bugg several nights ago, and I gave him every opportunity to post first, because he likes that kind of thing. Ah well, too late!

The last time that I had done this kind of thing was close to two decades ago, which surprises even me it was more recent than read more

Thought I’d missed one, didn’t you?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that there is a major holiday featured here every month this year – except June. But there was a distinct reason for this: today is National Celebrate A Holiday From Earlier In The Year Day, and so we’re going to celebrate International Feature A Photo Series From The Previous Month read more