Blink and you missed it

The conditions held and I did get out to watch Spica disappear behind the moon. I tried a short video clip, unable to tell if it was actually capturing Spica or not but suspecting that it wasn’t – the frame rates for video translate to a pretty short shutter speed and even as bright as it was in comparison, Spica was still pretty dim. Upon returning home, I found that read more

Had the potential

While spending a few days in Tennessee last week, a wicked thunderstorm rolled through (as it did for much of the east coast,) and I made the attempt to get some lightning photos. I was borrowing my brother’s tripod since I’d left mine behind – I know this sounds like poor planning, but the trip was to drive him back up to NY since he’d injured his shoulder and couldn’t read more

Needs a little work

With the weather being surprisingly warm and clear and a not-full moon shining down, I elected to traipse over to the neighborhood pond and try my luck spotting the beaver(s). This time I did not have The Girlfriend to wield a light for me so I could focus, since she’d gone to bed hours before, so I strapped a powerful flashlight to the lenshood of the Tamron 150-600 and did a quick test out read more

Tripod holes reject

As the title says, this one was in consideration for a Tripod holes entry, because I could almost pin down right where it was taken – just, not quite. And I had other images that worked better anyway. But here’s the scoop.

It was November 2003 and I was returning to Florida on a flight from North Carolina, and we were on final approach to Melbourne International Airport, so these are read more

Utterly robbed

My calendar has been reminding me of the Geminids meteor shower for the past week or so, which was due to peak overnight last night, but the temperatures have dropped significantly for the past week as well. Since the Geminids are touted to be one of the better showers and we had nice clear skies, I finally got motivated to bundle up, go out, and try.

And indeed, it was a notably active shower, more read more

Not a mighty roar

Well, it’s the Leonids meteor shower again, or at least the time for it, and since the skies looked pretty clear when I checked, I did a quick trip down to the lake to see what I could capture. However, once I got down there, the clouds rolling in were quite evident, especially well to the southwest as seen here. Still, the skies above were clear, and I re-aimed for a wider read more

Tripod Holes 41

N 28° 8’49.32″ W 80°38’37.62″ Google Earth location

Part of the challenge of doing these posts has been seeing just how specific I can get about a location, and this one is within a meter or so (though I probably should have more decimals in the Lat/Lon coordinates for that.) I knew the rough location and started cruising through Google Earth, and with Street View and some read more

Okay, for not trying very hard

I was on my way to bed yesterday morning (hush) and decided to peek outside for a moment. The moon was bright and clear and looked pretty close to my target phase: catching sunrise or sunset on the central peak within Tycho crater, which I admit I still don’t understand because I’ve already done it a few times now, but it’s an obsession I guess. I really wasn’t read more

Cut y’self

Many things happening this week, in many directions, so little of it was photography. Part of this was, I was getting some warning signs that my ‘Main’ harddrive was about to fail, and I replaced it, copying it over onto a new drive – but the program that I used took something like 27-28 hours to complete this task (just over a terabyte of info,) and I suspect it would read more

Not much charm

While I did not announce it like I often do here, we’ve just passed the peak of the Perseids meteor shower, tied in with some halfway decent viewing conditions and, unlike many other showers in the past, acceptable temperatures to be standing out in a dark location for hours at a time. I actually went out to try and capture read more

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