Out at the same time

Checking the cupboards over carefully, it appears that we have not only used up all of our December, we finally made it through the family-sized box of 2021 as well – don’t you love it when they both run out together? So to celebrate, we have our end-of-month/end-of-year abstract.

freaky LED paths of christmas toy in mirror
I really should let you figure this one out on your own, because you look like you’re getting overconfident again and need something to take you down a peg. There are at least a couple of clues visible within (plus you can check the description tags to cheat, if you’re that pathetic.) Pause here, if you like, and examine the photo carefully to see what you come up with.

When you’ve given up, or alternately think you’ve got it locked, you can use this link to explain it; this was a christmas gift from The Girlfriend, because she knows the kind of simple little things that can nevertheless be a blast to mess about with. This was shot intentionally for the month end, part of some idle experiments with time exposures. If you did look closely, you likely saw the evidence of the bathroom faucets in there, since I bounced this off of the mirror while the room was dark – this was probably the coolest path out of a handful of exposures. The large mirror and the limited space to disappear into helped a bit – I thought of doing this outside, but knew it would be easy to have the gizmo get too far away and appear very small in the frame.

I have to say, the cats are not fond of this – too noisy and unpredictable. Perhaps we’ll see if an owl is less threatened by it.

Anyway, celebrate safely, and not what Republicans consider “safe” either, but real, sensible safety, the kind that you won’t regret later on. Have good eats, enjoy good company, achieve good mellow. If you’re in Florida, watch out for fireworks – honestly, it’s like, any excuse at all down there. Happy New Year, to all those that celebrate it, and Happy Saturday to everyone else!

time exposure of fireworks in neighbor's yard in Florida

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