Seeing is succeeding

Are you all set to go out and watch the not-total lunar eclipse tomorrow morning, i.e., a few hours from now? I plan to be down at a reasonably dark sky location to make the attempt, though at the moment, it’s not looking promising – we have scattered thin clouds here right now, but they’re patchy, so it’s impossible to predict which way they may go. It’s been read more

Too cool, part 21

So, what is it?

I’ve had this experiment in the back of my head for a while now, and tried it last night. What you’re seeing here is Sirius, otherwise known as the Dog Star or the Dog’s Nose, and the brightest star in the sky. As a quick aside, for some reason many people think Polaris, or the North Star, is supposed to be the brightest, which would be handy but is far from the read more