Handful of night

Found a couple of subjects while poking around tonight, but only had very short periods of time to capture them, which I’ll explain in a moment. So this is what you get.

First off, I found that the spiny assassin (genus Sinea,) still occupying the basil plant, was polishing off a meal which looked a little odd, so I quickly went inside and got the reversed Sigma 28-105 and the flash read more

Out of practice

Man, I’ve hardly picked up the camera in days, and haven’t done any high-magnification macro work in weeks at least. My macro muscles were protesting. But I did a handful of frames today, so we have a smattering of content – kinda like the sweater you get for your birthday from a distant aunt who has no idea what you like. Hide your disappointment and try to look grateful.

Anyway, read more

Call it a plus

And then, the rains did come.

After making that last post early in the morning and going to bed, I was awoken by another storm, this one centered right overhead – at least, if the explosion of thunder that loosened my fillings was any indication. This one brought rain with it, a good soaking, so I’m no longer conflicted.

I have not been neglecting my arthropod subjects, even though I’m read more