Tripod holes 46

N 34°20’56.61″ W 77°39’20.41″ Google Earth location

While walking along this beach, The Girlfriend and I found it a little curious to stumble upon a long hollow filled with scattered gravel, until we realized that it wasn’t gravel at all, and then we boggled at it. Instead, these are all Atlantic sand fiddler crabs (Uca pugilator,) thousands of them, and the read more

Summer trip, the captives

This past weekend The Girlfriend and I took a three-day trip out to the beach, in this case the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Wilmington is the shortest beach drive from the center of the state where we live, features the best aquarium, and is only a short distance from Topsail Beach. Topsail is of interest because it’s the home of the Karen read more