Tripod holes 46

N 34°20’56.61″ W 77°39’20.41″ Google Earth location

While walking along this beach, The Girlfriend and I found it a little curious to stumble upon a long hollow filled with scattered gravel, until we realized that it wasn’t gravel at all, and then we boggled at it. Instead, these are all Atlantic sand fiddler crabs (Uca pugilator,) thousands of them, and the read more

Let’s kick back again

And so I finally get back to more of the beach trip, but part of the reason for the delay may soon become apparent, especially if you look at the page load times or sizes of some of the images. As I said, fewer pics this time around, largely because I was doing other vacationy things like abusing my muscles and joints, but there still remains plenty to put into this post.

I was out read more


I’ve been saving these images specifically for this post, because I figured I’d slap them all up together. On this past beach trip, I ended up seeing more crab species than anything else, and producing some of the best images of the trip with them – of course, that’s a matter of opinion. And as I said, I did almost no insect photos, a rarity for me, but plenty read more