You know what I said a few days ago about standards being too high? I just had to share this.

In the local Craigslist postings, there was a ‘Creative Gig’ opening for a Paranormal Investigator, the entirety of the ad reading thus:

Creating a show to investigate the paranormal and past lives. Looking for an individual who is natural, curious, has a personality and is interested in these topics.

Man, that’s specific! I imagine only 99 to 99.98% of the populace could meet those requirements. But at least they’re open-minded enough not to require experience in film or public presentation, head shots or modeling background, experience with investigations, knowledge of the topics at hand, education in perceptions and the limitations thereof, or any kind of track record. So they’re not being too demanding, at least.

Still, notice the subtle racism that the ad contains? “Natural.” Which basically means, any supernatural beings need not apply. They’re also discouraging automatons and Tom Cruise.

Not to mention, I’m fairly certain that there’s an unspoken additional criteria, perhaps to be weeded out in the third round of interviews: “fatuous.” But even with this potential restriction, I’m tempted to apply for it, because the “compensation: tbd” is a serious motivator.

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