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November has been quite a frustrating month for me, so I’m more than happy to see the end of it – except, there’s absolutely no reason to believe a) that such circumstances are influenced by, well, anything; b) that the arbitrary demarcation of the ‘month end’ means anything more than a simplification of our mental categorizing; and c) that even if either of these weren’t true, that the last day of the month could influence those things that I find frustrating. Which means all of these are decidedly abstract impressions, whereupon we segue into our routine month-end post. You didn’t believe we could go this deep, didya?

Anyway, we have two today, shot nearby during two of the very-brief attempts at photographing anything in the past few weeks – aside from the late fall dearth of subject matter, we also have the other pursuits that I’ve been engaged with that sapped (uh, are sapping,) too much of my time, thus the dearth of posts as well. So it goes; I’m still riding the wave from October ;-)

old fencepost in water with reflection
It’s not exactly hard to determine what this is, but the water was nice and smooth and I wanted that subtle little spider in there – please don’t tell me you missed it. Actually, it’s only the reflection of the spider, though the spider itself is actually visible, it’s against the complicated background of the stump (actually I think it’s an old fencepost, which makes this a fencepostpost,) and very hard to make out at this resolution, but if you want to try, go for it.

Come to think of it, this is a fencepostpost squared, because that also serves as the setting for the next entry.

unidentified fungus atop signpost in tight macro
Whoops, no, I lie – this is a signpost instead. Well, it’s the weird fungus atop a signpost, which itself is not visible, that I shot wide open in natural light with the Mamiya 80mm macro and extension tube, because I hadn’t bothered to grab the macro lighting rig. Which would have made it better, to be sure, because depth of field at f4 isn’t exactly overwhelming. I could also have boosted contrast, but that would have been cheating. I mean, even more than the specific cropping and resizing that I did for this post. Listen, don’t ask me to explain my ethics, and you won’t get so confused.

I have a coupla fartsy shots from the same outings (or at least one of them) that will be along when I finally get a smidgen more free time that is not spent on other projects. Continue monitoring this particular radio frequency, as they say, which makes no sense at all but I didn’t make it up…

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