Oh, sure, just waltz out of here, October!

something reflected in the water
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it’s the end of the month, and that means it’s abstract time! Gather the kids, pop some popcorn (the proper way, none of this microwave bullshit,) and settle down as we spin this sordid tale.

This month’s image was indeed taken this month, stemming from my occasional tendency to look around and find something compelling other than my primary photo subject. And while this is cropped a bit tighter than the original frame, I have to admit that I really liked the effect. You, naturally, already know what I was photographing, but I’ll provide the explanation for all the kiddies out there (you know, the ones that read my blasphemous and potty-mouthed blog, but only for the philosophical posts.) So to that end: Hi, all you yard-apes! Keep your snot-covered hands in your lap and try to pay attention for eight seconds. No, I don’t care who pushed who.

We’re seeing a reflection in the softly rippling surface of a pond here, and the blue and white colors should give a pretty good idea of what we’re seeing a reflection of, even if the details are a wee bit obscured. No, not a cloud, but that’s a good guess [ya gotta lie to the grubby hamsters from time to time to keep their spirits up, otherwise they wet the bed.] Instead it’s a bird, specifically one of the ones seen here, the white great egret (Ardea alba) perched in the tree. The breeze wasn’t anything to speak of, barely noticeable at all, but it was enough to shudder the water’s surface and prevent a more direct reflection. In such cases, the effect is not very visible by eye because it’s constantly shifting, but as the camera captures a bare moment in time, you can get these wonderfully random shapes. It works best if there are a lot of colors to be reflected, such as at sunset, but even the three or four colors available here seem to have worked. Should some nice autumn hues develop this year, which is a bit iffy right now due to the long drought we suffered, I may be doing some more examples.

By the way, I hope you’re set for All Hallows Read this evening – I know we’re prepared, and I may be back later on if it produces any cute stories, but it will likely be a few days hence since we’ll have company over for a couple. And should the weather hold out, this may also engender some more post-fodder, because we have an outing planned. Am I jinxing it by saying this? Nonsense! That’s superstitious talk, and this is certainly not the day for that