The more the… abbier…

blue dasher Pachydiplax longipennis on twig against sky reflections in pond
So, I sit here at the end of the month with over 1800 images shot therein, and find that too few of them really fulfill the idea of abstract, or at least my idea of it anyway – a couple would probably do better than these, but I have other plans for them. You might have even seen them already, since I’m writing this on the 29th and I’m not sure what else I’ll get done today. So we’ll go ahead and feature three month-end-semi-abstracts, partially because I want to use these but they won’t fit into any theme presently in mind, and partially to reflect just how damn many photos I have to sort yet. The thing I like about the above image is that it’s slightly disorienting, because that’s not the sky that you’re seeing behind the dragonfly (a blue dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis, by the way,) or not per se, but the reflection thereof in the pond. Eventually that sentence will give up its secrets under that torture…

No, those spots are not dust on the sensor, but things on the surface of the pond. So there.

And then, one from a whole three meters out the door.

The Girlfriend's rose in full bloom
After many struggles with marauding insects and uncertainty over its fortitude, The Girlfriend’s rose starting thriving this year, and I captured this bloom in its very narrow peak window – another day, maybe less, and the petals would have started to droop, and in fact if I remember correctly, it rained heavily later on that day and caused the whole stalk to bend under the burden of the raindrops. More to my purposes here however, is how the bloom stands out sharply from the background, both in focus and apparent lighting, making it seem ‘shopped in, but no, this is just how it appeared. And yes, the framing with the bud and leaves in the background was not coincidental.

unidentified twisted tree with sunburst
There was a little less planning in the composition of this one, because while I did aim to have the trunk of the tree filling the frame this way, and the sun peeking through the leaves, I didn’t think about the sun coming right at the tip of the branch in this manner, so yeah, I’m cool with that. I get the impression of the tree in the process of falling over, the branches trailing as if it’s a lot more flexible than reality, but what exactly caused it to shape in this manner I couldn’t say. So when we meet in person again, remind me and I’ll mime it to you…

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