Reverse mullet

What? What kind of title is that? Well, there’s the semi-common-maybe-not-who-knows? description of the mullet hairstyle as “business up front, party in the back,” but at the moment, things are a little reversed here – the posting (party up front) is slow because I’m busy doing formatting for the impending switch, none of which you can see just yet. Okay, that was stupid, I know…

Right now, we have another important, definitive bit of trivia from my personal life that is now reflected for no good reason (other than to have some content that doesn’t require a lot of work) right here. To prove that I’m not neglecting my duties, even if I’m not taking them too seriously. Lazy, but conscientiously lazy.

snowy egret Egretta thula on edge of bay
This image dates back to June 16, 2004, but that day did not fall on a Wednesday this year, so it escaped attention as an ‘On this date’ post. But it is the last photo taken with the borrowed camera while in Florida, quite possibly on the same day that I shipped it off to its new owner. Well, perhaps not the very last, but the last that I retained in my stock folders, anyway. It represents the end of easy digital access to photography for a while, for me; I remained in Florida for a few more months before moving back to NC, and did not pick up my own digital camera for some months after that move. So there’s a gap in my digital stock folders, but I was still shooting slide film at the time (and continued for several years,) so I was remaining active, you just can’t tell by looking at the image dates in those folders.

This is a snowy egret (Egretta thula,) by the way, standing maybe 30cm high, and no, that’s not a lakeside home for ants – I was just playing with forced perspective with a cooperative subject. Should’ve pushed the aperture to minimum for better depth of field, might’ve gotten the background in sharper focus; I’m not actually sure why I didn’t, given the subject matter and shooting angle.

Seriously, it will get better soon – I just can’t devote the time and effort to it right now.

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