Now, today

It’s been hot as hell recently – again – and I haven’t been going out much to chase photos, so I decided this morning before it got too hot to get in a quick session down at Jordan Lake. Spoiler: there wasn’t a lot happening, even though i expected to see ospreys and perhaps eagles finding food for their young. As it was, I have just three images (well, read more


Okay, I have a bunch of photos I’ve been neglecting, so let’s get some of them out of the way first – there will be another post following this with the rest. Provided I don’t get even more in the interim…

I did make a trip down to one of the osprey nests, right around sunset because that would throw the best light on things, but only one osprey (Pandion read more


Just the last handful of photos from Tennessee and New York, no real theme to be found.

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing or exploring on this trip, partially because we had to spend a lot of it traveling, partially because it was freaking hot in Tennesee. On Wednesday I believe, we moseyed over to David (Davey) Crockett’s Birthplace State Park, just to poke around a bit, but read more

Distributed far and wide

I had planned to have a couple of posts pop up in this past week and was working towards some nice little presentations, but many things happened to prevent this and I simply did not have my shit together even slightly, thus the post title.

Foremost in there was something in recognition of World Migratory Bird Day, specifically some video, but I was having a devil of a time getting a decent audio read more

And now, the ospreys

Plurals among the animal kingdom are always fun, and occasionally up for grabs. ‘Prey’ is a collective term, but bears no relation to ‘osprey,’ and so the plural of that is ‘ospreys,’ even though I’m probably none too consistent on that aspect myself. The plural of ‘ibis,’ as I recently checked, can be either ‘ibis’ or ‘ibises,’ read more

Not gold

The Insuperable Mr Bugg (who has abandoned his blog and now relies on [urk!] social media, so you can only see his photos if he’s your ‘friend’ or whatever, while I welcome everyone) and I went down to Jordan Lake for sunrise yesterday, and it performed as typical for this area, which is to say, not very well. Colors peaked a little read more

Trouble with the neighbors

I’ve been sitting on these while I get a few others things done, so the images here all came from four days ago, another trip down to Jordan Lake, in less than ideal conditions, that netted a bit of drama nonetheless. The first bit is, the ospreys have returned.

While the eagles overwinter in the area, being quite well cold adapted (able to be found up near the arctic circle,) read more

Sorting finds n+6b: The birds edition

So we continue with the new discoveries and rediscoveries from the last sorting session, things found while examining photos at full resolution to determine critical sharpness, or that remind me that I intended to do something with them and put them off in favor of a different topic. This one was a discovery: what’s wrong with this picture?

If you’ve ever noticed, I include read more

Sorting finds n+6a

The first batch of the latest sorting finds, with a second to come a little later on – I found several this time, but I had gone through just shy of two thousand frames, so not unexpected really. Right now we’ll do arthropods.

I don’t see these a lot, but they’re distinctive and easily recognizable. This is an Ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva aurea) read more

Three of three

Getting back now to posting about the second trip down to Jordan Lake and the, what, twelve pics that will accompany it? And it was a slow day, but I’m also cheating a little.

Right as I was bundled up to leave, through the back window I heard a red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus) calling, obviously quite close. Since I had the camera more-or-less in hand, I tried slipping quietly read more

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