Kick January to the curb

That’s right, January has become irrelevant, and not only that, a bit long in the tooth (what a stupid phrase,) and so, to see it on its way, we hit it in the ass with the month-end abstracts. Two this month, both weak, but it’s freaking winter so put a cork in it.

wavelets at sunset
It’s not hard to tell what this is, and I’ve done much the same before, but I happened to like the dark patches that came from reflecting the treeline on shore. Either that or they’re portals to another dimension – I never actually checked, to be honest.

But let’s have another, courtesy of someone else.

hickory nut within tree hollow
This one, I feel safe to say, was composed by a woodpecker, and given the activity we were seeing nearby, a red-bellied one at that (plus the fact that red-bellied woodpeckers always favor compositions with focus on the right.) I couldn’t say if this was a common practice of not, given how most hollows are out of sight overhead, but at least it had a nice spot where the nut wasn’t getting away while the woodpecker drilled through the hull. And we had enough light, at the right angle, to even capture it on film – but wasted that by using digital instead. Ah, the opportunities that pass so fleetingly…