Profiles of Nature 24

great egret Ardea alba Naruemol wincing
This week we have นฤมล, trying to deal with Christian Bale’s tantrums on the set of the Peewee’s Playhouse reboot. All her life, นฤมล had the dream of making it big in show business, which despite what you think is not a reference to male pornstars. She started off in grade school productions of course, playing the court herald in The King’s Creampuffs (again, not a porn reference,) before garnering acclaim as Hecate-Lou in the southernized version of MacBayeth with her local drama club. From there, she did a few commercials to make money to go out west, started to flounder, then realized she should have gone south since she started from Seattle. Upon arriving in LA, นฤมล quickly made a name for herself, out of wood, to hang over her front door, but the neighbors thought it was gang signs and kept hitting her up for drugs. She obtained an acting coach without realizing he was only filling in during the search for the real coach; while her emoting hadn’t changed, she improved dramatically at driving the defense down the court. นฤมล is very likely to be a top talent very soon, and this time it is a porn reference. Her favorite thing to leave on the rear deck of the car in the sun is a talking GI Joe doll, er, action figure.

Oh yeah, next week. Don’t even think about skipping it.

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