December’s abstract

raindrops on floating down featherI got this one during the same outing as the previous post, but I needed to close the year with another abstract, so here it is. It’s a tight crop from the original, a down feather floating on the pond and sporting some raindrops, taken while perched precariously on the shore. I suspect it did much better with the near-overcast light than it would’ve with bright sunlight, and you have to admit that the lensing effect of the drops worked well.

Now, just for perspective, I want you to picture this. The feather was all of 3 cm in length, floating on the water just a little offshore, held in place by reeds. The water drops thereon could only have been seen with a close inspection. Finding something interesting to photograph sometimes takes a bit of patience and a keen eye for detail. And, in this case, being blasé about sitting on the damp ground at the edge of the pond – I think the wet ass was worth it…

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