It is an ex-September

Yes indeed, despite the scarce posts this month, we can let it go on no longer – you had more than enough time, September, so the fault is all your own (which nicely deflects the blame from me.) What kind of abstract have you produced?

osprey Pandion haliaetus cruising past with fish in blurred pan
Hmmm, well, we expected more after all this time, but a C for effort anyway.

This was another snagged during that trip to Jordan Lake the other day. The exposure compensation was still set for shooting against the sky when the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) appeared against the trees with no time for adjustments, making it overexposed for the conditions, yet the blur from the pan and the wings was semi-interesting, so here we are. There may well have been others images that worked better for the month-end abstract, but this is being re-edited only an hour before it’s due to post, so not a lot of time to go searching if I want to keep to my meaningless and almost-certainly-unnoticed schedule for no reason that anyone can determine. Call it a reflection of my mood right now – I’ll work on it.