Tick tock, motherf–

Hmmmm. For reasons that I won’t go into now, which makes it sound a lot more mysterious than the ridiculously trivial thing that it is, I have a loose goal of completing 40 (now) more posts by December 27th. That’s roughly twice what I’ve been averaging. Not impossible, but not the easiest thing to accomplish during the slow winter season. I’m up for it, sure, but can I do it without resorting to nonsense, filler posts like, um, this one? That remains to be seen.

Now, there are still five more Tripod Holes posts that will come in by that time (which are already written and scheduled, by the way) and the end-of-month abstract (which is not, but I know what I’m likely to do for it,) so that’s six less. I have a couple posts in the planning stages, including a potential podcast, so I’ll push those through. On top of that, I can resurrect the Living In The Past posts that served the same purpose last year. So the density/frequency of posts should go up to not quite one a day – on average, anyway, I won’t say that I’ll keep to that schedule.

But while I’m here, I’ll put up an older image that’s been sitting in the blog folder.

fake moon with almost-hidden schtuff behind it
No, I didn’t overexpose a moon image, but a fake moon instead. This came from this experimental session, but was rejected because of the background. If your monitor is adjusted properly and you look very closely, you can see the fittings of the lightstand that was supporting the moon ornament (this is shot straight down from above) and, beyond that, the boards of the back deck. I do have a black velvet blackout/backdrop cloth, but didn’t dig it out for this – I tend to use it sparingly, because it attracts the cat hair that’s a permanent fixture at Walkabout Studios and it’s a bitch to get them all out. No, of course none of our cats are black.

Anyway, more to come.