Everything’s shiny

Came across this, courtesy of artist Otis Frampton, and had to share. He has more, but this is clearly the best.

C Is For Canceled by OtisFrampton on deviantART

If you don’t get it, then you’re… how shall I say this politely? Your kind don’t belong around here.

Ah, who am I trying to kid? I came late to the whole thing myself, regrettably, since television networks are notoriously read more

Just because, part 15

In abject denial of the actual readership of this blog, I must apologize for being away as long as I have. What with the Grammys, and the Superbowl, and Groundhog’s Day, and then all the celebrity activity, well, you know how it goes. The up side of all this is, of course, that I have so much to post about now!

Yeah right. When you see me posting about anything of the sort, that’s the read more

The Street Cafe at the End of the Universe

Just a throwaway post for the time being – there are other things in the works but they’re not done yet.

Many years ago, a friend and I tried an idle challenge to create a soundtrack for a (then nonexistent) movie based on a book we both knew – the idea was to create the soundtrack, then play it and let the other guess the book from the progression of music. This was before the read more

I have my reasons

While this is a bit of pointless personal information that really isn’t going to change anything, I feel the need to make the statement in the face of rather obsessive popularity among the public at large (it is a blog, after all,) and so: I really don’t like cell phones.

Some of this is personal, I admit it. And some of it is because I tend to look at things critically, especially those read more

Not your typical view

This isn’t something that’s ever come up before here, but I’m a little bit of an aviation enthusiast, especially World War II. The air war in Europe and the Pacific was a unique period in history, in a niche that combined powerful aircraft with personal combat, something not seen with the slow, flimsy craft of WWI, and that vanished in the jet age. There’s also something read more

Makmende amerudi!

I said I’d be coming back to this you were a fool to doubt me. The song I’m eventually going to get to was responsible for introducing me to the previously featured video by the same band, but has a great backstory itself.

“Go ahead make my day,” was a meme before the term had even been adopted, and before the intersnarl existed, courtesy of Clint Eastwood/Dirty read more

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