More local “news”

It’s about 7:30 PM right now, only a little chilly, with clear skies, unlike last night. Will I go back out and make another futile and disappointing attempt at the Leonids? The answer, may surprise you. But first, let’s check in with what’s happening on the Estates.

Well, what was happening, five days ago to be precise – these are all older photos. But they’re read more

Leftovers tonight

Clearing the folder of just a handful of photos that didn’t fit into any particular theme, and had too little story behind them.

While out at Goose Creek Game Lands near the coast (not very close at all to Goose Creel State Park,) my brother and I were on the edge of a large pool where at least two northern water snakes (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) were intent on the read more


That’s all. Six frames. I’ve shot six frames in the camera, not just since the new year, but since December 17th of last year when I did the bubbles. Pathetic.

Yet, they’re not bad frames.

This is one of the two lemon trees in the greenhouse, just kickin’ it. We had a nasty cold snap in December, right as many buds were about to bloom, and though there’s a heater in the read more