That’s a little better

Switched out the ‘clear’ diffuser for the white one on the new softbox, and the difference is noticeable – what we’re looking at here is the round light reflecting from the frog’s eye. Still not perfectly even, but probably the best I can hope for with this design (yes, I’ve actually considered a backwards-facing flash head into a parabola, read more

Macro photography, part 11: The lengths, the lengths

You undoubtedly remember the butterfly bushes that have served as a setting for some of the more recent pics here, but they have company – unintended neighbors, as it were. We maintain a compost bin, and use this as read more

Macro photography, part nine: Changes

For the past two and a half years, I’ve been using a specialized rig for macro lighting, one that produced dependable and pretty damn good results. But it was not to last. The Sunpak FP38 flat panel flash is a surprisingly neat little package, but like everything that I ever really like read more