Just once, part 20

This week we go back twenty years and two weeks, to see one of the many species that I collected and kept in the saltwater aquarium briefly to get a few detail pics. This is a gulf pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli,) a close relative of sea horses as you might have guessed, and pretty common in the Indian River Lagoon near where I used to live, this being Florida. I’m read more

Two decades ago…

… on this very day, I was testing out a reverse periscope in Florida while my brother visited.

Here’s the deal: I really wanted some underwater pics in situ, but couldn’t afford an underwater camera. At that time, digital cameras were just appearing on the market – I remember one photographer in our wedding photography group just read more

Just once, part 2

That our next entry has only been featured once is no particular surprise, since it was found during my couple of years in Florida and wasn’t common to see then. But while poking around in the Indian River Lagoon, occasionally I would spot a long narrow fish darting away, always a fleeting glimpse, and eventually I managed to get a couple of ‘ehhh’ images read more

Visibly different, part 45

We open today with a fairly common yet distinctive bird around Florida, the American white ibis (Eudocimus albus.) A smallish bird for a wader, perhaps a hair larger than a crow in body size, but smaller than a duck, with the telltale curved red-orange bill and blue eyes – there are also black patches on the wings visible in flight, yet almost entirely hidden when read more

Visibly different, part 39

Our opening image, as confusing as it is, comes with a story. While living in Florida, I was running a small fishnet (probably a bait net) through the water off of a dock trying to capture some minnows when I realized my empty net wasn’t actually empty, but contained a transparent blob. With care, I transferred this into my holding jar, recognizing that it was probably a jellyfish, read more

Visibly different, part 22

We hie back to 1990 for this one, one of the few rolls of negatives that I have from when I lived in central New York – a few months after this photo, I would pack my meager belongings into a small rental van and move to North Carolina. But before that, I took a drive through Montezuma read more

Just because, part 44

Still a bit slow here, still involved in non-photography things, so one last one for November, because it’s here.

This one’s been in the blog folder for ages, originally brought in for purposes now forgotten and obviously never used then. It dates back from 2003 or 2004, from Florida, a little discovery when exploring off of a short path to a fishing dock. I always found read more

On the negative, and positive, side

Doing a little recordkeeping last night, I found that I already have 190 posts for the year, not counting this one, while last year’s total number of posts was 233, a personal record (the dumbest kind of record.) That means, in order to beat this number, I’d have to post at least 44 more times, or eleven posts per month. Given that I’m still doing the Profiles read more

On this date 58

Yes, this topic has not died yet, but there’s a special reason for it to occur this time, and we’ll get to that. Right now, let’s see what was happening on this date in history. Pretty recent history, and nothing at all historical. Pretty self-centered, to be blunt. But it’s a blog, which as I’ve said before, is an exercise is thinly-veiled narcissism. If it’s read more

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