So, here’s the thing about fate and causality: if you know something is supposed to happen, is it better to simply let it happen and not screw with the trouser legs of time and multiverses and all that jazz, or attempt to prevent it from happening and defeat causality and potentially kill yourself and all mankind because Fate is a butterfly that might be eaten by the garden read more

Not food and not motherhood

I actually got a few photos in today – nothing exciting, nothing even noteworthy, except that I wasn’t even trying today was yard work and gardening day, and I was mostly planting things. But as a nature and wildlife blog, this post isn’t going to the Favorites page, mine or anyone else’s, and the best I can say for it is that it isn’t food related, read more

Storytime 36

This week’s entry is perhaps only part one of an ongoing story – nobody’s really sure yet. We’ve been playing it by ear.

It started almost two weeks ago when I went into work in the evening to block off some days for students and such. There was a handwritten note on one of our delivery vehicles informing us that there was a kitten up on the spare tire underneath the car, read more