Podcast: Off on a rant

This is actually the first of two – both are already finished, but we’ll see how quickly I post the second, since there are incidentals that go along with the audio. This one, however, requires no illustrations and was largely done so I could do the second without rabid frothing sidetracking – that means this one is entirely rabid frothing sidetracking by itself. What fun!

If you’re looking for photo tips or encounters, you’re out of luck. If you’re looking for deep philosophical insights, go fish. If you’re looking for bad language and pet peeves, however, I got you covered, fam (whatever the fuck “fam” is supposed to mean – I don’t use these except as open mockery of dumbass trends.) And so without further ado (whatever the fuck “ado” is supposed to mean, but I can assure you none was harmed in the making of this podcast,) we proceed:

Walkabout podcast – Off on a rant

By the way, a couple of things that I forgot:

  • North Carolina drivers typically only use a turn-signal to try and excuse them cutting you off – apparently, to them that blinking light makes it permissible to perform an unsafe lane change and shove directly in front of you because they never bothered to pay attention to the last two kilometers of “Lane Ends” warnings. If it helps: when the lane is not adequately clear, you wait until it is. Sorry, but you’re not that important.
  • I live among three college towns, and try desperately not to ever drive among campus. Why? Because for some reason, students are encouraged to cross the roads any damn time and place they see fit, and traffic stops dead every time this occurs. Students are not automatic red lights for drivers – if a car is coming, it is actually illegal (in every state that I’ve seen) to walk in front of it. It’s got to do with stopping distances and the chance that the driver is looking in another direction. And you see, there’s this crazy thing about “right of way” – even if you have the law on your side, there’s not a court in the universe that’s going to rule in your favor hard enough to bring you back to life, or heal your shattered skull or mangled spine. It’s weird that way. And I’m terribly sorry that someone’s going to be late for class because they got up too damn late (and we all know why) – what, the college docks pay for that, right? Gives written warnings? Students lose their class over it? You can see how sympathetic I am to students (who are, you know, supposed to be better educated…)
  • I really am going to get a large-print decal across the top of my windshield that says, “Get in your fucking lane!” It’s that goddamn prevalent around here.
  • Anyway, that’s my therapy for this week. Join us next week for my views on clamshell packaging, and product glues that are stronger than the materials they’re gluing…