May ain’t over yet

Because we haven’t had the month end abstract, have we? Okay, then…

pair of basking turtles against clear blue
This one was of course instantly in the running, and I purposefully shot it to enhance this effect, going as wide as possible. The little inlet of Jordan Lake was remarkably still, especially for late morning, and the light angle worked for it, so here we are. It helped that I was on a bridge that provided a downward angle.

But May always deserves another because, you know, May.

cluster of bright pink rhododendrons
This might seem like an easy one, but it’s rare that I find a cluster of flowers (The Girlfriend tells me these are rhododendrons) at the peak of blooming, this distinctly geometrical, and without any blemishes or boogies to mar the frame; add in the soft shade to keep the subtleties of the colors, and this is what you get. Plus the color complements the previous image nicely.

At the time that this posts, I’ll be evaluating the vague predictions for the Tau Herculid meteor shower – unless the weather goes to pot, but there is no prediction of that. And as I type this I realize how silly that sounds…