Paalam, January!

I have a confession to make: I shot nothing even remotely resembling an abstract this month. We’re going with archive images to see January off on its ice floe.

sun breaking through foliage in Duke Forest
Annnndd this isn’t really all that abstract, though I like it anyway. It comes from way back in 2004, I believe in Duke Forest, but someone may recognize that sun from somewhere else, and I’ll be happy to correct it. Credit to the camera for not reading the bright sunlight and compensating the rest of the image down to a mere silhouette, but this is testament to the use of center-weighted metering on occasion.

But we can do better than that.

condensation, I think
Is that a bit more eye-bending? It’s a good indication of conditions here at times in North Carolina, because this is simply morning condensation on my car, streaking in places to let the reflection of the scattered clouds come through. I don’t think you could call this anything but ‘abstract.’

Though in my guilt, we’ll have one more.

holiday lights on railing under heavy snow cover at night
Many years before this image, I was driving home in central NY after a heavy snowstorm and saw someone’s holiday lights along their roofline under a thick blanket of snow, producing this diffuse colorful glow – no camera on hand of course, and the conditions for such would disappear quickly because the lights would melt the snow in short order. Fast forward several years yet still 15 years ago now (dog I’m old,) and we had a decent snowfall while I still had the holiday lights up on my railing. I was careful to leave them turned off until a good covering had amassed, then turn them on for this photo (well, a whole sequence of them.) I’m pleased that even the texture of the snow up close came out. And yes, it’s the same railing (and probably the same lights) as this shot, yet not the same year. No, I’m not agoraphobic…

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