Living in the past XXIX

Things are still slow on the nature photography end, and even I won’t post about hashing out designs for the 3D printer (there – we found a limit to what I’ll post happy now?) So I’m bringing up one of the entries I had in reserve, if needed, to bring the count up last year and make a meaningless anniversary, while we wait for more current items of interest.

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It’s slow right now, with nothing to see, no reason to go out, and so on. About the best I can say is that the avocado trees (three of them, all started from pits) are absolutely delighted with the greenhouse and have been growing exuberantly therein. I almost wish I had done a time-lapse sequence of them…

But otherwise, there’s little to appear here, and so, I’m tackling read more

Living in the past IV

Another from 2010, I was delighted to find this itty-bitty black rat snake (though I suppose it’s properly eastern rat snake, even though we should have used up the ‘eastern’ modifier by now, but Pantherophis alleghaniensis to be technical) when it was crawling across the near-vertical surface of a tree in the backyard – I mistook it for read more

So current

Still plenty of photos to feature, but the posts I have planned are not quickies, and today was a bit busy. However, early this evening a neighbor came by and told us about the scene in his own backyard, so I grabbed the camera bag and trotted (ambled) over there. I’m getting a reputation – good or bad, I dunno, so we’ll just leave it at ‘reputation.’

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Reptilian buffer

Gotta have something between the birds…

On an outing along the Eno River a couple of days back, the trails we usually take were closed down for utility work, so we traipsed up over the hilltops on the ridge trails, usually well away from the water and thus with fewer subjects to be found. Spring has finally taken a good hold, however, and that means being able to find a few more species with read more

Just because, part 39

I knew it was supposed to be sunny today, and so I held off in the thought that maybe I’d get out to shoot something, but the temperature remained quite low and I felt ratty all day, so nothing new right now. Yet, I did finish a minor project (which will appear here eventually, because [spoiler alert] it’s a podcast,) so this is in recognition of that. Don’t ask me how, or what read more


Okay, it’s not that bad, but we are gonna go with some older photos here.

Going back through the folders, I found a couple of photos that I felt I should feature, and now I’ve finally got the time and inclination to do so – been buried in a few other projects for a bit. So let’s take a peek at a photo subject from 2005.

I came across this black rat snake, or read more

Profiles of Nature 5

In this week’s Profiles, we find Durwood just as he was remembering that there is a home inspection scheduled for today and he hadn’t put away certain, um, things – we’ve all been there, even if we don’t necessarily have Durwood’s taste in possessions. He admits that he’s just working as a nature photographer’s model for the read more

Amazing luck

I was skimming Why Evolution Is True on Thursday night just before midnight, when I discovered that July 16th (that very day, for ten more minutes,) was World Snake Day. Not a lot of point in trying to post something, even when I had a photo all lined up – not for World Snake Day, just because I’d shot it recently and was waiting for the opportunity to post it.

As luck would have it, read more