I wish I could explain it

This is an examination of not just an occurrence in my past, but the powerful mood that it invoked, and still invokes whenever I think about it. I’m not sure that I can possibly explain it in such a way that anyone else can come close to the same feeling, though.

It was, I think, 1999, and I was on an extended photography trip to Florida, touring where I pleased with no real itinerary. Several read more

Tripod Holes 43

N 25° 6’31.47″ W 80°18’23.91″ Google Earth location

There’s a lot to unpack with this one, so here goes.

First, this may, or may not, be the correct location I had no idea where we were at the time, but clues indicate that this is the spot. It was on a touristy snorkeling trip off Key Largo, Florida, and I recall the dive operator saying that only read more

Sunday slide 2… and 1

Yeah, so, I missed out on starting this new weekly post for the year by a week. Partially because the film scanner wouldn’t play nice with Windows 10 (imagine that,) partially because I’ve been busier than intended with countless projects these past couple of weeks, but mostly because it didn’t occur to me to start this until a few days ago.

But as the title implies (actually outright read more

Odd memories, part 15

It is sometime in the 1990s. No, I mean it’s 2016 right now, but the event I am relating takes place back then, and I am using a literary style called first-person chronologica dysplasia or some shit like that. Whatever it’s creative – run with me here. I am touring Florida on my own, down in the Keys for the first time, and decide to do a coral reef read more