Tripod holes 19

N 26°22’37.94″ W 81°36’28.29″ Google Earth Location

While this image isn’t stunning, it represents two things: a place you should definitely visit, and one of my specific ‘branding’ images that presently illustrates one of my many business cards. I don’t have many businesses, just a wide variety of cards, because what kind of fool read more

Visibly different, part 9

I realized that, while many of the photos I have set aside for this topic are of birds and thus I was trying to space them out, so far I’ve only featured one bird for the topic, so I better start using some of them.

This week, our opening image comes from Florida in September 1999, and is the first wood stork (Mycteria americana) photo that I obtained – I hadn’t read more

Profiles of Nature 32

Yes, it’s been seven days. No, we haven’t been playing with the calendar or the clocks. No, we cannot skip a week for good behavior.

This week’s featured model is Ada Mae Luella, which everyone agrees has to be a southern name, because southerners like to hear themselves talk that’s why, “damn,” can actually be three syllables. We’re read more

Podcast: Yet again

It’s another hybridcast – part podcast, part slideshow, part video, which means ignore the blank periods because they’re supposed to be there. But there were enough photos in this batch, accompanied by explanations, that typing it all up would have made a tremendously long page (yeah, much longer than this one,) plus we’re in the video age anyway so I’m catering read more

Sunday slide 2… and 1

Yeah, so, I missed out on starting this new weekly post for the year by a week. Partially because the film scanner wouldn’t play nice with Windows 10 (imagine that,) partially because I’ve been busier than intended with countless projects these past couple of weeks, but mostly because it didn’t occur to me to start this until a few days ago.

But as the title implies (actually outright read more