Sorting finds n+6a

The first batch of the latest sorting finds, with a second to come a little later on – I found several this time, but I had gone through just shy of two thousand frames, so not unexpected really. Right now we’ll do arthropods.

I don’t see these a lot, but they’re distinctive and easily recognizable. This is an Ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva aurea) read more

Garden finds

The other day I went out to the NC Botanical Garden for the first time in ages, to see what could be found. Notably, this was the first time in several years, I think, that I found no Carolina anoles during my visit, though we’ll make up for that shortly. There were enough other things to photograph, but like read more

For effort, anyway

On a (fairly) recent trip to the NC Botanical Gardens, I was making the attempt to shoot with more effort towards composition and all that, rather than illustration, but we know I don’t do ‘art,’ so we’re back to being fartsy here – define that as you will. And I could probably research read more

More Friday color

We’ve done Friday color before, two, no, three times, and a read more

Time to mature

I mentioned, like, a week ago having a bunch of photos from the NC Botanical Garden, but it was too soon then to post them – they needed time to come to their full potential, mellow and full-bodied.

[Do you like how I can sell being a slack-ass by making it sound like wines or something? And what does “full-bodied” taste like anyway? I doubt they mean fatty. Even “mellow” read more

Can’t leave it at that

Doing a quick check last night (after finalizing the previous post,) I found that I’d uploaded 99 images for August, and that simply won’t do. I got a nice handful today at the NC Botanical Garden, but no time right now to write them up, so we’ll stick with just rounding up to a nice even C.

This is a male eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina,) read more

Visibly different, part 14

Our opening image comes from 2005, from within the Sonora Desert exhibit in the NC Zoological Park in Asheboro, thus it counts as ‘captive’ and/or ‘habituated’ even though, like many birds, it had the run of a large arboretum area – your call on how to classify it, if it’s important. read more

Here be dragons. Tiny ones. And bugs

Did another trip to the NC Botanical Gardens yesterday, to see what could be found, and the answer to that is anoles. Lots of anoles.

I have noticed that each year, the representative numbers of certain species seem to fluctuate, or at least according to what I have been able to find, anyway. While the botanical gardens have always been a good place to find Carolina anoles (Anolis read more

On this date 58

Yes, this topic has not died yet, but there’s a special reason for it to occur this time, and we’ll get to that. Right now, let’s see what was happening on this date in history. Pretty recent history, and nothing at all historical. Pretty self-centered, to be blunt. But it’s a blog, which as I’ve said before, is an exercise is thinly-veiled narcissism. If it’s read more

On this date 41

It would appear that we’ve entered the slow season now, at least if the numbers of the images in my date spreadsheet are any indication, so not a lot to offer this week – next week will be worse, because I’ve already peeked. For now, we hearken back ten years, to the first little Copes grey treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis) to take up residency with me, alongside read more

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