You’re a Grand Ol’ Tag

Oh great, you got the kid singing! I hope you’re happy now!

Oh, yeah, it’s January, isn’t it? That makes it time for the tag roundup. On your run-of-the-mill, everyday blog with, you know, real posts, tags just serve to help people (or search engines, or marketing bots) find ‘relevant’ content (like that’s a thing,) but here, they additionally serve as read more

Here’s why, part 6: Psychic abilities

This is a rather broad topic with no real consensus on what it includes, so it’s likely that anyone could either fault me for not covering something, or accuse me of lumping disparate concepts together. Overall, however, the same factors will apply to most or all of them, so let’s dive into, “Why doesn’t science take psychic powers seriously?”

The short answer is, such read more