You’re a Grand Ol’ Tag

Oh great, you got the kid singing! I hope you’re happy now!

Oh, yeah, it’s January, isn’t it? That makes it time for the tag roundup. On your run-of-the-mill, everyday blog with, you know, real posts, tags just serve to help people (or search engines, or marketing bots) find ‘relevant’ content (like that’s a thing,) but here, they additionally serve as graffiti scribbled by high-schoolers in the margins of boring textbooks (or is that ‘textbeek’?) And but once a year, we revisit some of those used only once in the entire fifteen-year ‘life’ of the blog, for pertinent insights into just how snarky we tend to be. This of course serves no purpose at all – in today’s technology, at least. But one day…

So let’s get right down to it, shall we? And we do mean, “down”…

knockin’ boot – Even I couldn’t recall what this referenced, though it shouldn’t have been so hard. Is that a bad choice of words? Was asking that worse?

Portal tempestus – Maybe I’m getting a little overwrought in my habit of providing the proper scientific names…

wheezingblower – Has the time that has passed made it clear how appropriate this is?

should’ve fixed his boutonniere you slackass – I’d say I’m my own worst critic, but I’m pretty sure there are better out there. Yet I still worked a humblebrag out of it!

dance little monkey dance – Also, “Rock The Moron Vote.” How do so many people manage to miss this, anyway?

caterpillars think Plato was a wazzock – I started with something a little more alliterative: “Caterpillars consider Kant a – ” but let that one go.

out through the fly – I was probably a little punchy during this one…

why is this alligator shit weirdly tanned? – But it’s the best alligator shit – everyone is saying so!

Boba Fett will always be Bantha droppingsAt least Greedo got a shot off No he didn’t.

starts with a ‘BS’ – Nothing to add.

looking down here won’t help you – I’m hip to those kinds of shenanigans.

you let go first – Probably the slickest video from last year.

in the house of the lord there are doilies on the arms of the chairs – How did I miss posting this one before?

dance my puppet – Suckered by a birdbrain; what does that say?

never before seen here – Being snarky over the changing taxonomy of species, since I have hundreds of images of this species on the blog alone. This type of thing may well be seen again this year in the ‘Just once’ posts.

is there a point where I start taking it though? – I can’t put italics in a tag, but they were added here for proper emphasis.

little Nemo was a snotboi – as well as, “elephant shitload of parts.” Not mine, for once – great minds and all that…

this was meant to post six days ago – So, little story here. I make it a point that the holidays do not share dates – I mean, to choose holidays that do not share dates with other featured holidays – with one exception. Immediately upon posting this, I found that it was on the same date as an earlier one, and found it highly appropriate to backdate it for the previous day, given the context; too late to celebrate it now.

And since this was a holiday, that’s our cue to segue into the holidays that we all celebrated so exuberantly in 2023:

Arouse Suspicions, But Not Too Much Day, January 21
IMDB Day, February 20
Anniversary of Schnocklefausen’s death, March 31
Token Appearance Day, April 28
Use Something For Other Than Its Intended Purpose Day, May 18
Help Arthropod Color-Blindness Day, June 30
Get Busted By A Cat While Attempting to Procure the Month-end Abstract, July 30
International Capture A Red Sprite Day, August 1
Fuck Foresight Day, September 24
Expend Way Too Much Effort On a Pointless Project Day, October 29
Reflect on Anxiety Day, November 23
You’re Supposed To Be Behind Day, December 12

Now, a side note: I was going to include a short list of tags with typos right here, because I do not always look closely and spellcheck does not work in the WordPress tag field. However, in the past couple of days, I converted from Linux Mint over to Ubuntu Studio as threatened, eradicating all of the issues that I’d been having (proving that it was indeed Linux Mint.) However, for reasons unknown, Libre Office (the program that I use for spreadsheets like the tag dump from SQL) no longer seems capable of spellchecking anymore, even though it does indeed have a current dictionary. Not going to figure it out now, so you’ll see those at some other time.

We have to have the list of previous tag roundups of course:

2015: Tagged
2016: Tagged again
2017: Papa’s got a brand new tag
2018: So what did 2017 hold?
2019: Do not read tag under penalty of law
2020: Tagginses! We hates it forever!
2021: Tag ’em and bag ’em
2022: I don’t mean to tag, but…
2023: Tag me with a spoon

Which brings us to the site stats – I know you’re as excited as I am!

site statistics for 2023No records set this year, which was no surprise – few long philosophical posts and no major trips, so even the trio of super-cooperative ospreys didn’t keep the image numbers up. For the sake of it, I’ll list the counts: 815 uploaded images (to take fourth place); 252 posts (third); and 157,190 words (ninth, sheesh.) Grand totals for the entire history sit at 8,056 images and 2,755 posts containing 2,258,410 words – more or less. I think the static pages are included in there, and the post count from the plugin that tallies the words doesn’t match what I demonstrably have, so the word count is likely incorrect but within the ballpark franks, anyway. I imagine that the numbers will remain around these averages to a large degree, since it represents the free time and shooting habits that I have. Should I include the number of 3D prints that I’ve made in that time?

Once again, I know these numbers are nigh meaningless, and I check them only to see how my activity is holding up – despite last month’s post bloating to hit a nonsense anniversary, I believe that quality beats quantity. Not that I can achieve this in any manner, mind you, but I believe it, just like too many people think being religious makes them good.

That concludes our nonsense recap for 2023. We now rejoin our regular nonsense already in progress…

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