You’re a Grand Ol’ Tag

Oh great, you got the kid singing! I hope you’re happy now!

Oh, yeah, it’s January, isn’t it? That makes it time for the tag roundup. On your run-of-the-mill, everyday blog with, you know, real posts, tags just serve to help people (or search engines, or marketing bots) find ‘relevant’ content (like that’s a thing,) but here, they additionally serve as read more

Living in the past XVIII or XIIX

…or just 18, or 12 perhaps (geek alert.)

Still working on 2014 right now, and we have this startling capture when photographing a variable oakleaf caterpillar (Lochmaeus manteo.) The light angle and the translucent exoskeleton/skin of the caterpillar combined to bring up this peek at internal anatomy, which looks like brain lobes, though I’m skeptical read more