You’re a Grand Ol’ Tag

Oh great, you got the kid singing! I hope you’re happy now!

Oh, yeah, it’s January, isn’t it? That makes it time for the tag roundup. On your run-of-the-mill, everyday blog with, you know, real posts, tags just serve to help people (or search engines, or marketing bots) find ‘relevant’ content (like that’s a thing,) but here, they additionally serve as read more

Ah, that’s better!

Feeling kinda rushed? Trying to get a lot of things done and realizing that you’re way behind? Calculating your remaining time to the holidays and cursing math in general? Well, it’s not at all your fault, because today is You’re Supposed To Be Behind Day, another one of our eminently useful (and timely!) national holidays! Yes, this is an intended and perfectly read more