Tagginses! We hates it forever!

Yes indeed, that means I can spoof Tolkien as well as Python, but it also means it’s time for the annual tag roundup, brought to you by no sponsor whatsoever when you think “tags,” think nothing!

The number of single-use blog tags continues to explode, like bacteria in a restaurant icemaker, and in the same manner, they lead mostly to shit. Nothing needs to be added to an intro read more

Don’t mess with a nature photographer

Just had to post this.

I came in this evening from being outside shirtless, horrifying the neighbors, and felt something walking on my chest. Looked down and found a little winged aphid – just the perfect size, to my way of thinking. Grasping it by the wings and scampering outside, I carefully placed it on the azalea bush in front of one of the newborn mantises. This was touchy – they’re read more