Take heart!

I’m sorry, this really does amount to (I feel terribly uncouth even breathing the word) a tweet, and I hereby promise not to make a habit of it. But it occurred to me this morning how much America is the land of opportunity. No matter how feeble your understanding of biology or science, or […]


I don’t use RSS feeds, thus I’m not familiar with how they display mistakes. So if anyone got a notification of a new post that doesn’t exist, that’s my bad – I inadvertently published an upcoming one when I meant to just save the draft. I try to space these out to rotate subject […]

Just because, part six

As the weather turned rather chilly, and more than a smidgen damp, I decided to play with the squishy conditions.

Did you know that those paranormal ‘orbs’ have a tendency to hide behind drops of water? Strange but true…


This may bode

And so, another experiment. I am putting up a handful of introductory podcasts, to try and determine if there’s the faintest interest. This was based on a recommendation from, I believe, a blogger on Scientific American, and while I’m not entirely sold on the idea yet, I’m willing to give it a try. So […]

Stay true

I came across this image in my stock yesterday and liked the abstract that could be created from a tight crop, especially since I missed prime focus.

Of course you recognized this as the fingers of a ring-tailed lemur, taken while visiting the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC. It just goes to show […]

More meaningless milestones

… but at least, this gives me the excuse to post something furry.

A year ago, The Girlfriend heard something crying outside the open window one night, which led to the discovery that we had four abandoned, semi-feral kittens hanging around. The capture and taming of them was chronicled here, and here, and here, […]

I’m tasty

I just had to upload this one, partially to break up two posts that are far too similar. But this is me doing my “Snow White” thing while setting up some shots the other day. A butterfly (I can’t be bothered to determine the species) alighted on my left bicep and stayed there for […]

Odd memories, part seven

So, today’s xkcd comments on hypochondria: This stirred some memories of an age, long ago, when I would meet with several friends for a curious pastime. Bear with me a moment as I explain.

It all started with a humorous story taken from the early days of Usenet, about a poker game played by […]

I’m back, he says with hesitation

Okay, after a frustrating few hours, I think functionality has returned to the blog. The DNS switch was instant and painless, the mail server a bit confusing (a host that imparted conflicting info,) but the blog was a royal pain in the ass. Near as I can tell, one of my installed plugins, which […]

Papa Joe’s

Just noticed this as I was recycling the box:

And he forgot the extra sauce.

Come to think of it, I’d better check the fridge and see if the leftovers have multiplied (or gained anchovies.) If not, that would put the final nail in the… coffin, right?

And, “pizza experience.” Marketing is so […]