Tripod holes 53

N 36° 3’59.06″ W 75°41’23.29″ Google Earth location

Another where it doesn’t matter a whole lot where you are, but it represents something that I thought I’d accomplish more often in the intervening years. Bear with me for a second.

When I determined that I’d have 53 Tripod Holes posts this year and that the last would fall on December 31st, I slotted this read more

Will do for now

I think this will be the tail-end of the beach trip pics, as well as the last for the year – never really got a ‘proper’ trip in, with one thing or another, but at least my brother finally got down here to see the Outer Banks for himself, as brief as it was. We grew up with Jersey beaches, which are in an entirely different universe (a more crowded and read more

Podcast: You guessed correctly

So, yeah, I’m finally getting around to posting about a photo trip taken, oh, eleven days ago – if I keep blowing deadlines like this they’re gonna stop paying me. And as a mixed blessing, this will be a multi-part affair, while also being at least partially in podcast form – I’ll let you decide which aspects of that are good and bad. Should you be planning your own read more