On the recent trip to the Outer Banks, we didn’t have a lot of time and the weather was still a bit chilly from the cold snap only a day before, thus I didn’t get a lot of photos. However, there was one sequence on the beach (somewhere near Salvo) that deserves some attention, especially since the lens stayed locked on in focus throughout most of it despite the hectic nature. We were read more

Podcast: Photo trips

So, this post actually serves two purposes. The primary one is contained in the header: it’s advice and what to expect when planning a trip dedicated to nature photography. But also, by way of example, it’s a continuation of the beach trip stories, the good and the bad, the Sturm und Drang (perhaps – I don’t actually know what that means since I read more

Podcast: You guessed correctly

So, yeah, I’m finally getting around to posting about a photo trip taken, oh, eleven days ago – if I keep blowing deadlines like this they’re gonna stop paying me. And as a mixed blessing, this will be a multi-part affair, while also being at least partially in podcast form – I’ll let you decide which aspects of that are good and bad. Should you be planning your own read more