Friday cuteness

Two specimens for you today, both within a couple of meters of the front door – I’m spoiled.

Last night while checking out Walkabout Estates for various nocturnal critters, I came across a diurnal one instead, which made it a lot easier to actually get the shots I was after. This one was camped out on the big Japanese maple right by the door.

Unless you’ve never read more

So, so long ago

Well, okay, two days ago. I could have posted these sooner but my hands were trapped under my ass and I couldn’t type. Anyway, I did a brief circuit of the neighborhood pond just to see what was happening, which wasn’t much. A great blue heron and a great egret both remained quite distant, spooky, and elusive of decent photos, probably jealous of my eagle exploits in New York. Most other read more

Ah, finally

So, there’s this little staged photo that I’ve been after, oh, a couple of weeks now I think, and tonight, I finally managed to snag it. It’s the stupid things…

I have, atop my desk hutch, a small sculpture that The Girlfriend got me, I can’t even remember when, of two small green treefrogs atop a leaf, and for once, it was reasonably realistic – so many artists read more

Running behind

Still not keeping up with the post count, and I feel absolutely awful, I’m here to tell you (okay, no I don’t, just slightly contrite, but not so much that a shrug can’t dismiss it.) And the subjects haven’t improved, though I did make a couple of attempts at something a little different, with no success as yet. But here’s another scale comparison, because read more

Average: average

Oops, I’m one behind on my ‘daily’ posts, or at least one for every day of the month should correct that soon enough. In the meantime, various things are progressing – some usefully, some not so.

For instance, the car is back together and on the road, one of those deals where the work that needed to be done would normally be mildly involved, but due to an incredibly bad design, read more


That’s what I’ve been trying to accomplish: convenience. I mean sure, it’s great to see all sorts of exotic critters by getting abused by the airlines, staying in crappy accommodations, and spending large amounts of money, but there’s a lot to be said about stepping barely outside your doors to find subjects to photograph. Granted, they’re mostly all read more

Can’t leave ’em alone

… but c’mon, would you be letting these pics just sit around in the interests of ‘diversity?’

Last night, I went over to the neighborhood pond again, but this time with a slightly more specific reason, which actually turned out to be beneficial. We’ll get to that in a second.

The juvenile green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea) were just as active as read more

I did

Meaning, I did go back out to see how things looked after the rain, as I closed the previous post with. However, since these are displayed in reverse order, newest first, this post appears above that one and well away from that simple statement, ruining the continuity and requiring all this explanation. Plus there’s no sense of building drama or developing photo accomplishments, unless read more

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