Another try

So, Monday night I went down to the lake to try again on those focus and tracking tests. The light was again ideal, only this time, it remained that way until the sun disappeared behind the trees. Unfortunately, I saw even fewer birds than before. I may be partially to blame here, since we’re now past nesting season and the adults have much less to do with no babies to feed. read more

On this date 20

We’re back in 2004, in Florida, with the borrowed digital camera. I was maintaining a small saltwater aquarium in the simplest way possible, which was to get fresh water for it twice a week and run an aerator within, and that was about it. The residents cycled through, being returned to the Indian River Lagoon and being replaced by whatever I happened to find, with a few hardy read more

Monday color 36

This is a great illustration of the color changes that sunset brings – not just to the sky of course, but to the actual light that’s falling on your subject. Clouds, no matter what, are white – there’s no other color for water vapor to be. But when they block enough light and are seen from underneath, they can appear various shades of grey, and in this case, the sun shining read more