Gorilla in the mist

I realized, as I looked outside later in the morning than I should’ve, that we’d had an overnight fog and it still hadn’t cleared completely, so I trotted down to the pond to see if anything interesting could be done with it.

The last time had been the busy season for the green treefrogs […]

On composition, part 21: Water

While it may seem that “water” is more of a subject than a compositional tool or element, there are actually so many ways to use it that it begs for greater examination. So let’s dive in sorry – sometimes you can’t resist.

The primary trait is, of course, reflectivity. It can mirror a subject […]

Just because, part 13

Taken back in August, I was playing with the perspective of the dewdrops up close and going unfocused into the ‘distance.’ I knew I would get the spider in the pic, but didn’t know the metalwork of the porch risers would show up in the flash as well. Since it continues the curves started […]

Doing the fartsy thing

No, the title does not mean last night was burrito night – it just means that, since I don’t do the artsy thing, this must be something else.

In the past several days, my right arm has been bothering me due largely to wielding the camera and flash bracket one-handed, often in awkward positions, […]


There’s another gout of photos coming shortly, but this one needed to stand on its own.

This morning was rather humid, and in chasing pics among the dew I came across this suspended drop. My initial images indicated I should take a closer look, and thus, we can now see the unfortunate nucleus of […]

Not what I envisioned

I had an idea this evening as I was doing a routine check on my resident photo subjects, and returned to pursue it when the moon was the right height, but couldn’t bring the reality close enough to my imagination. The grey spot in the background is a waxing gibbous moon in the sky, […]

Good morning!

I thought I was pretty fortunate to discover a few tiny praying mantises on the azalea bushes out front yesterday, until I went out this morning right after sunrise when the dew still hadn’t cleared…

If you look closely at the top pic, you’ll see a large dewdrop adhering right between the mantis’ eyes. […]