New York: A little more scenery

Let’s see – the photo and video sorting is all done (no small task, this,) tomorrow’s Profiles post is written created typed spawned… let’s have a handful of the remaining photos from the second New York trip. I didn’t do a lot of scenics this time around, partially because the weather wasn’t as cooperative, but I still snagged a few.

I don’t read more

The backstory (part 1 perhaps)

Let me paint the scene: It’s very early morning on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania. I’d driven through downpours in the Philly area that were reputed to stretch for kilometers, but the roads were dry here. I’d been seeing the sky lighten steadily for over an hour, and knew it was about sunrise, but here in the foothills between the Appalachian and Adirondack ranges, read more

Gotta be quicker than that

I hadn’t quite finished sorting the stock photos before I left on my trip, and of course doubled that number with the trip photos themselves, so I’ve been endeavoring to catch up (just a handful more to go now.) But while doing this, as usual, I came across a few photos to feature and comment upon. This one is trivial, but I want to put it here because more sunrise photos are on the read more

Been a long month…

… so we bid June adieu, toodle-oo, and get lost ya bum with the month-end abstracts. Yes, that’s right, plural. Three, even. Two of which are remarkably similar though, so be appeased by that. Or whatever.

Our first comes from Jordan Lake, a bit south of Walkabout Studios here in North Carolina, during a sunrise outing. The sky was a little too clear for optimal colors, read more

Even then, ‘snot art

And so we come to one last image that we still maintain, despite any impressions, is not art. Because we don’t do art.

Another one shot blind, simply holding the camera down just above the sand, roughly aiming and allowing autofocus to do its thing. What do you mean, “Why didn’t you get down on the wet sand and do it right?” I’m old. Not to mention, wet sand, ick.

But read more

Saturday night black & white

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been setting aside various monochrome experiments for an eventual post which, so it appears, has now arrived at Gate 12. Take care when removing items from the overhead bins…

This green heron from several weeks back was read more

Last one, I promise

Last sunrise video, that is – I’ll have just a couple more beach trip photos after this…

I came loaded for everything on this trip, especially video, which I’ve been trying to tackle more often naturally, there weren’t a lot of subjects that benefited from video. But there was one that I was really trying to get…

The last morning there, the conditions looked promising read more

Still at it

It’s another attempt to get that elusive green flash on video, doing it at sunrise because sunset wouldn’t provide the view needed. The bad weather had cleared, but the temperature hadn’t risen yet, and it was far from comfortable on the beach this just goes to show how dedicated and hardcore I am.

By the way, there’s a balance point when placing the tripod, because you want read more

Broken promise

So Wednesday’s morning out at the beach got off to a good start…

… and almost immediately devolved into rain that lasted all day. Worse, it got damn cold too. We spent the rest of the day indoors, muttering over the weather and idiotic gas situations, but at least played games in the evening. This video was about everything that I shot.

By the way, I apologize for pointing out in read more

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